Ready, set, gumboots!

Gumboots with Just Aïssi is an activity to remember!

Discover the cultural and rhythmic aspects of this African dance during an uplifting gathering lead by a charismatic pro.

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Gumboots: a cultural icon

Stomp, holler, sing and dance: gumboots is a traditional South African art that mixes percussion and dance. The performers use their rubber boots and their voices to create wild rhythms. The larger the group, the more epic the performance!

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More than a dance

Just Aïssi leads his participants through a complete experience, sharing his knowledge about the cultural, historical, geographical, linguistic, and physical aspects of gumboots as a non-verbal mode of communication. This is an activity that is consistent with the objectives of recreational and educational sectors. Many programs of different durations are offered.

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Just Aïssi, Choreographer

As a true ambassador of African culture for almost 20 years, Just Aïssi is dedicated to spreading the beauty of his culture through dancing…and stomping!

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