Discover gumboots

Halfway between dance and percussion, gumboots (referring to the rubber boots worn) was developed in South Africa, some 100 years ago. The workers of the mines endured extreme work conditions, which lead them to unknowingly create this major cultural movement by using the things they had as a rallying cry: their voices, water puddles, the ground…and their rubber boots! After spreading to every corner of Africa, gumboots became a revolutionary symbol for many people. Today, it is one of the most important traditional dances of the African continent.

Just Aïsse, choreographer and percussionist

A true ambassador of African culture for nearly 20 years, Just Aïssi spreads the beauty of his culture through dance…and boots! He uses his extensive knowledge and infectious energy to promote his art while putting forth the most promising artists of the Afro music scene in Canada. With his innovative workshops, he skilfully combines dance, art, culture, music and language for a compelling and unforgettable activity.