5 ways to try out gumboots

During the workshops, participants learn rhythmic gumboots routines by clapping, singing, and slapping their boots. Once the basics are acquired, speed of variables can be added, along with precision and execution, for a great group routine.
An energizing and fun activity for all ages.
Workshops available in English or French.

Team building

Members of staff as well as management are invited to this festive gathering during which the company values are put forth through rhythm and fun.


Participants and organizers are invited to join this activity taking place over a week, as part of a seasonal celebration or an annual one.

Day camp

The kids will get a chance to explore rhythm, active listening, their body in space, emotions, stage production and creation. A week packed with learning experiences and laughter. The workshop ends with a performance for parents and friends.


The kids and their educators are invited to a day of workshops, a single group at a time or all groups combined, to discover different arts relating to physical self-expression and cooperation.


Students and teachers are invited to join this school gathering, with a possibility of individual or small group workshops. The program uses an approach based on mentorship and joy. Presentation for the whole school at the end of the program.